Greetings dear ones, I am Nkosy Mkhize of Light Family. As I continue to sit in your feet in honour and in love. I am of service to you with great gratitude and esteemed honour for what you are going through in these difficult times of transition.

During the live session that was held on TikTok platform on the 30th September 2022, someone asked me to explain about 666.  Today’s message will be unpacking the secret meaning behind 666.

But before we begin, allow me to say the following:

There is one reason for all of our existence on Earth: we are in lesson for the purpose of raising the vibration of the whole. This is the overall reason, and is not fully explainable to us at this time. Our endeavours while in lesson create energy through our incarnations and subsequent elevation of the Earth consciousness (MASIZAKAZI). This energy is valuable to the whole, and transmutes negativity. By using word ‘negativity’ I mean the “absence of enlightenment”. And if this energy is left unchecked, will be found more and more unless we have those of us throughout the universe constantly in lesson. We are therefore instrumental in changing something very large and complex. Please accept this! There is not much more that will be given about this while we are on Earth. This is not planetary information, but universal information.

Our challenge was to start without any enlightenment at all, and gradually work through multiple lessons and incarnations to a fully enlightened state.  We are on the path so far, and we are quickly approaching the end of the whole cycle.

Just to add few points on what I have mentioned above, this is also because on the live session on the 30th September 2022, I have been asked about abortion and miscarriage. I feel like you deserve to know that; Your plan is often determined directly by what happened during the last incarnation (past life). We have called this ‘karma’. We form a contract or plan on what will be learned and experienced as we begin the next incarnation (life). Quite often we incarnate only for a brief time, dying while a child or being terminated early through illness or accident. This may seem cruel to you, or an illogical thing for you to agree to do, but it is appropriate and it is correct for the whole. The timing of when you again incarnate is determined by the lesson group around you, some still on Earth, and some not. Sometimes your incarnation is almost entirely for the expression of another, and is quick. I know, you might think that this would seem to indicate that there is some type of predestined at work. There is NOT. Believe it! All incarnations are as clean slates with a purpose overlay (karma) and various doors of action offered during the cycle (contract plan). The karma may or may not be satisfied. If not, then there will be another opportunity through another incarnation. An individual may or may not open any of the doors of action offered by the contract. It is up to an individual, and where his or her growth is at the time.

Okay now, let us get into the issue at hand…666.

This is the number that has been equated to the anti-God or anti-Christ end times. If you speak of 666 also what comes to mind would be the ‘mark of the beast’. The ‘mark’ has been equated by humans to everything from the government’s assigned work number to the computer code on the packages you purchase in the stores. Actually it is far more basic than that; it is the magnetic balance of your cellular biological code (DNA)!

Therefore, all of you who are balanced are neutral. The ones who are not are ‘marked’ for change (although this can be altered at any time). The ‘beast’, as it has been called, is the unenlightened self in each of us (humans). It was called the ‘beast’ because of the potential actions of the unbalanced leaders during the upcoming realignment times…as the ‘beast’ among you devouring the peace. Therefore, the unbalanced have the mark of the potential beast.

This may appear backwards to those who studied the writings of the Christian book of revelation… but now I have a revelation for you:

This ancient writing (channelling) was purposely kept confusing and vague since not one entity in the universe could ever predict the actual outcome of our on-coming test! There are several endings for us (humans), and this scripture book contains all possible scenarios for Earth’s end times presented at once. No wonder the interpretation is difficult… a cosmic joke.

The significance of the 666 is a phantom (disguised) 9. The number 9 is hiding in this 666 at every junction and represents the energy of our time now.  It deals with the vibration of balance, power and love. It also signals completion. If you add 666 numbers, they equal to 18, which adds to 9. If you wish to multiply the resulting 9 by the power number 3 to obtain additional information about it, you will receive 27, which adds to 9. If you feel 666 represent number 6 times itself (or six cubed), you will obtain 216, which add to 9. This 9 vibration is of those who will be balanced and remain. 666 is not the number to be feared.  There is no such thing as the number to be feared. Numbers give us important information and they are a wonderful 3D tool. They are mathematical, but they display energy.

The significance of the three 6’s together is as follows:

Each 6 represents one of the three ‘math base six’ calculations of the Earth:

  1. The first 6 is time. This base six system was derived from the Earth’s rotation and humans have used it faithfully from its original discovery.
  2. The second 6 represents the magnetic compass system of 360 degrees, developed again through the demands of Earth’s physical properties, being circular. Note that the compass is also a ‘circle of 9s’. each of the 45-degree points add to 9. In addition the opposite headings of each of the eight added together equals to 9 (360+180; 45+225; 90+270;etc). Why add the opposite headings? If you travel one direction for long enough, you will eventually find yourself standing in the place you left. Your path became one line that circled the globe. Its significance as a direction, therefore, must be considered by both its magnetic headings, since it now has no beginning or end.
  3. The final 6 is gravity. When you are able to calculate it and manipulate it, you will discover it is also a base six system. The spectre of a human entity representing the power of darkness on Earth who had an evil number on its head was not channelled information. It was therefore created by men for men’s purposes.

The ‘anti-Christ’ notion came out of the fact that the unbalanced ones will carry the unenlightened energy which is contrary to the great love messages of the master Yehoshua (jesus). 

Remember, you must move away from any previous ideas of what the “end times” should mean to you. If you are of the Christian faith, then I would suggest that you continue to keep your eyes on jesus the teacher, and in perfect love ask for guidance – not based in men’s doctrine, but in God’s wisdom. Ask and pray for discernment and peace. Love will bring you through. Ask for guidance from Spirit about the true meaning of end times, and what you should do.

How can you personally stay on course? What should you do now? My next words to you are the most important of all. “The Love Connection”.

LOVE IS POWER! Our word is inarticulate and poor for this concept. Love is not a word, or just a feeling. It is a power source! It is energy. You can call on it, turn it off and on, store it up, send it out and focus it for many uses. It is always available and will never fail you. It is the promise to the universe! It is the common thread that runs things. It is time you started to see this…I mean in the universal sense that it really is your time!

Just so you must know, you (as this type of human) are last being given permission to use and understand this power source and you have earned it.

Interestingly, you want to use the word “God-source” instead of love to give you the understanding of the meaning of the power. We are collective, but the power source is singular. This means that we all share a common oneness that is power.

Why do I tell you this?

So that you will understand that the source is singular! And it is yours as never before. With my realignment, your spiritual side can soar! You are receiving a feeling of perfect alignment, of finally coming home. This is your entity actually seeing itself for the first time for what it is: a GOD. Can you imagine what you can do now?

As I continue to sit in your feet in honour and in love. Take this with you and be the light.

And so it is.


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